Kristof Schöffling’s Move Digital Expands Presence with Blockchain Gaming and Metaverse Advisory

Kristof Schöffling’s Move Digital is preparing to help several family offices and governments stay afront of the latest trends in technology. The longstanding digital ledger technology (DLT) company has been closely monitoring the latest surge in interest in several fields including artificial intelligence (AI), Metaverse and gaming, and Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs).

Founder and CEO Kristof Schöffling has come to agreements with several established family offices and government agencies to help them navigate these rapidly evolving sectors, particularly Metaverse and gaming where Move Digital holds vast experience. These agreements will expand Move Digital’s presence into several new markets and the company is growing its workforce on an ongoing basis to ensure that it can readily provide software solutions and advisory services to its new partners.

Move Digital will work with several family offices across Europe and Asia to help them develop and deploy gaming and Metaverse applications. There has been a significant uptick in interest in these fields and family offices worldwide are scrambling to understand and allocate to these market segments. Move Digital’s deep expertise in these areas uniquely positions them to help these offices optimize their entry into these markets. Move Digital will be working with highly-credentialed family offices in Melbourne, Tokyo, Zurich, London, and Monaco.

Alongside these activities, Move Digital has also been exploring collaborations with government agencies to help with the development and distribution of CBDCs. Acting as Trade Commissioner of Vanuatu, Kristof Schöffling is particularly interested in how a CBDC will help Vanuatu digitize its financial ecosystem and improve economic activity through implementing more efficient payments. 

Move Digital is fully committed to ensuring that every partner they work with has the resources to quickly build along with the knowledge and tools to maximize their presence in the market after launch. Kristof Schoeffling intends to further expand their workforce to further smoothen the development process and enable Move Digital to partner with more governments and family offices who are taking on challenging projects in the DLT space.