Kristof Schöffling’s Move Digital Positions Itself as Metaverse Leader after Phenomenal 2021

Kristof Schöffling’s DLT advisory company Move Digital will enter 2022 ranking among the leaders in the growing Metaverse space. An early adopter and builder in the space, Move Digital has grown to over 100 employees in 2021 and has helped decentralized Metaverse projects worldwide increase their presence and valuations in the rapidly growing arena of virtual worlds. 

Move Digital provides a holistic approach to all of its clients and it’s no different when it comes to Metaverse projects where the company now focuses the vast majority of its resources and infrastructure. The company provides their clients with full-stack tech resources which encompass front and backend development, blockchain development, UI/UX optimization, 3D graphic design, and marketing assistance. With this support, Move Digital has overseen the growth of projects which started from scratch and grew to over $1 billion in market valuation within 2021.

In 2021, the Metaverse began attracting unprecedented levels of attention as major enterprises like Facebook and Nike positioned themselves to be builders of infrastructure in the arena. However, Move Digital has long preceded these early movers and has been working with blockchain projects to implement immersive digital worlds since the inception of the company. 

Move Digital has been working with projects worldwide on their Metaverse initiatives. Moving into 2022, the company has signed contracts to build and deploy Metaverse worlds with blockchain-focused companies in Japan, South-East-Asia, South America, Australia, and Europe. Move Digital’s signature trademark development style allows companies to deploy immersive Metaverse environments which reflect the real-world economy.


“Our services help businesses build deeply immersive virtual worlds that are representative of the real-world economy. Gamers can fully immerse themselves in these Metaverse environments and utilize their efforts and resources to gather assets, secure digital land, and generate income streams. Move Digital is the first company which helps businesses build virtual environments that their user base can fully immerse themselves in.”

Kristof Schöffling, Move Digital CEO

Overseen by Kristof Schöffling as CEO, Move Digital sets a standard of excellence for their Metaverse-focused initiatives. They have overseen Metaverse developments which have been unparalleled in the experience which they offer gamers. Move Digital still serves the broader blockchain ecosystem and helps companies with their distributed ledger technology planning and deployment. However, given the rapid pace of development in the Metaverse world over 2021, Move Digital has been heavily concentrating their resources on helping blockchain businesses build and deploy sublime Metaverse environments.